It’s Your Brain: Think About It!

Year of the Brain 2015 was organized to help raise awareness of the challenges faced by those living with a brain condition, their families, caregivers and health care professionals, across Southwestern Ontario, and beyond.

Initially the idea of three community organizations – Brain Tumour Association of Canada, Brain Injury Association of London and Region, and Dale Brain Injury Services – the project now involves 18 brain-related organizations.

Year of the Brain 2015 provides these organizations with a platform to explore new services, pursue better treatments, and gain a better understanding of the resources available.

So, plan to get involved! Everyone can participate in the many activities planned throughout the year.


What is Year of the Brain 2015?
Year of the Brain 2015 is a celebration of all things related to the brain. It features events, educational activities and initiatives that reach out to everyone … youth, parents, grandparents, those affected by brain conditions, care givers, healthcare professionals, volunteers, educators, government officials.

Where is Year of the Brain 2015 taking place?
Year of the Brain 2015 was initiated in the London region and has spread across Southwestern Ontario. We’re happy to share information and collaborate with other regions across Canada.

Why are you doing this?
Year of the Brain 2015 is an opportunity to raise awareness of the critical function the brain plays to our health and well-being. It is an opportunity to:
• understand the brain’s potential, and learn how to care for and protect it
• bring attention to the growing incidence of brain-related illnesses, disorders and disabilities, particularly among an ageing population and a changing environment
• identify improvements for better care giving and caregiver support
• explore new and improved treatments

Year of the Brain also provides a platform to bring brain-related organizations, healthcare professionals and the community together to share information and expertise, and to explore shared solutions and service improvements.


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